Daniel Gilberg

Creative Director

I’m a Creative Director with a passion for moving images. Ideas are what I do for a living.

me on set
capturing footage
studio interview set
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Daniel Gilberg Creative Director
cute handheld setup

About me

Ever since my creative journey started with filming skateboarding and music videos, I’ve kept my learning by doing attitude. My background is rooted in design and communication with a particular focus on moving images.

In the last years, I’ve gained lots of experience in directing films and started the production company Bauer & Berg in Hamburg. I’m passionate about modern advertising, communication, and strive for beautiful creative execution.


Creative Services:
Concept Development, Creative- Direction & Strategy, Campaigning

Design Services:

Brand Identity, Designsystem, Pitchdeck & Presentation Design

Production Services:
Bauer & Berg is providing full-service film and photography production